The Basic Seminar is coming to Dallas Texas – November 13-15, 2020!!


Rick & Barbara Salmeron have received so much benefit from this personal/professional development class, that they are bringing it to Dallas for YOU! They are excited to be bringing this powerful 3-day experiential class to Dallas November 13-15, 2020, to help support friends and family in their personal and professional life goals!


What do you want more, better, or different in 2020? In order for this year to BE different, you must DO something different!

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PSI Seminars facilitates transformational seminars that offers deep examination and awareness into our lives.  Their offerings are not the typical seminar to where you sit and just listen to a presenter; they have created opportunities to exercise ideas to where you momentarily live the experience of the topic at hand and so it opens you to receiving idea/principle/message/etc.

S.Z., Arizona

Highly recommended! I now know why.  I’ve become aware of how I show up in my life; what worked and hasn’t.  I learned not just in context of principles taught but more importantly through the various activities and tasks that were assigned.  I’ve been a seeker of my truth for decades now, Psi7 allowed clarity of all the wisdoms I’ve collected through my life and gave me more insight on how I may apply my Self through a life I love living!

Jayne A., Canada

Great classes. Since attending the advanced courses, I have transformed my business. I attribute this ongoing success directly to PSI’s leadership seminar – really powerful.

Karen V.