Emotion Release Sessions (Emotion Code)

Over the phone or in-person


The Emotion Code is a holistic energy process that can relieve us of emotional and physical pain effortlessly, instantly and even permanently, by releasing trapped emotions. Barbara Cole Salmeron offers the Emotion Code in private sessions (in person or over the phone) as well as facilitating Emotion Releases for groups!

Relationships: Sometimes we feel as if we have a wall between us and those we care about. The emotion code allows those blockages to be removed, restoring us to the way we were meant to be. This includes all aspects of our lives whether at home, at work, or in a romantic connection.

Inherited: Emotions can be inherited from our parents and sometimes even further back on the family tree. These emotions can be released from everyone through all of the generations. Frequently this affects inherited patterns that we may have, and clears them from all generations of past, present, and future.

Physical: When emotions are trapped inside of us, it can affect how our body functions. Over time, this can create problems and pain in the body. Releasing these emotions can help to erase pain, clear physical blocks, and release traumas.

The Emotion Code has been created to give you new insight, to show you how trapped emotions can cause all kinds of problems, and to help release them for you. You can take your life back, enjoy better health and finally be free from the negative effects that trapped emotions are exerting upon you!

Benefits of releasing trapped emotions

(emotion code)

Individual or group sessions can be done over the phone, on Zoom, or in-person.

Balanced Emotional State

stress reduction

Less friction in relationships

improved Energy & health

increased clarity &productivity

deeper sleep