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What i offer

Coaching and Consulting to groups, individuals and organizations.

I can work with your group to improve professional and personal relations, as well as to reduce stress to improve productivity, focus, and happiness.

I can travel to you, worldwide!

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Writing, Speaking & Facilitation.

I offer more than a talk or a lecture, I create an interactive experience. I am dedicated to providing others with tools for stress relief and to have more empowered relationships. 

I can work with you online or in-person, worldwide!


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Classes – online and in-person

Many of my online classes are free! I provide illumination and understanding for your trickiest relationships. Work, family, or romance, you will learn how to create more empowered relationships.



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(Names and photos have been changed to protect client confidentiality)

Carl D.

Chicago, IL


Just one phone call with Barbara helped me to communicate with my wife after three long weeks of silence. She helped me self-discover my own stage of development, and suddenly the answer was clear.

Charles E.

Oceanside, CA


We were concerned that my stepson was never going to launch. Barbara showed me how to tell that he is on his way and encouraged patience. I now know how to support my stepson, rather than alienate him!

Jessica L.

Austin, TX


I thought for sure my marriage was over. Barbara coached me on how to handle our issues, as well as recommending therapy. Both have helped to save our marriage, but working with Barbara gave us far more progress for a lot less money! Thank you, Barbara!

Cassie F. 

Scottsdale, AZ


Barbara coached me through leaving an abusive relationship, and helped me realize how I truly deserve to be treated. She’s an excellent teacher & coach, and now a lifelong friend.

I offer a different perspective on relationships at work, at home, and in romance!

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Barbara at Empowered Relationships can help you bring out the best in each other by teaching you different ways to communicate at work, at home, in romance, and with family and friends. Sign up for a free online class to learn how you can avoid more conversations ending in frustration and heartbreak.

Do you sometimes feel mystified by the behavior of others, or especially the opposite sex? Is it really possible for men and women to bring out the best in each other? It is through understanding and respecting our differences that we can end this “Battle Of The Sexes.” When we no longer need someone to change in order for us to be happy, we experience true freedom.








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